Trailer Hire Perth OLD

Hire a trailer with us

At Burswood Car Rentals we are offering cheap trailer hire in Perth. We only provide only quality WA built trailers, coming in an 8×5 Tandem trailer size with a cage  Most importantly all our trailers have brakes, most trailer hire companies don’t. If you hire a ute and a trailer together the price of the trailer is discounted by 10%. So if you are moving house one of our quality trailers would be ideal to load all your furniture in to. The trailer size of 8×5 gives you the right size to towing ratio making it easier to fit in tight spaces. All our Perth Trailer hire trailers fit straight on to our utes to give you double the carrying capacity. 

You must be very careful if hiring from others, especially service stations. If you are using something like a ute to tow the trailer it can only tow 750 kgs without brakes. The trailers themselves weigh 450 kgs, that means you can only carry 300 kgs in the back.  All our trailers come with brakes which increases your weight load to 1.5 tonnes in total, or 1050 kgs in the trailer. If you combine one of our Toyota Hilux utes and a trailer that’s 2 tonnes of weight you can transport. Trailer hire has never been easier than with us at Burswood Car Rentals.  

Quality Western Australian Built Trailers Proudly Made By Papas Trailers