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Roadside Assistance

All our cars hired in Perth are covered by RAC Roadsise assistance. If in the event of a breakdown which we highly doubt, simply ring the phone number on your car rental windscreen, or at the bottom of your rental agreement. Simply place the call and RAC will come, if it can be fixed they will set you on your way to resume your car hire. Or if the car needs replacing we at Burswood Car Rentals will automatically give you a new car.
If you have locked your keys in your rental car ring RAC and they will help you on yor way. This service costs Burswood Car Rentals a lot on money but we beleive it’s worth it to ensure customer satisfaction. We have received huge praise for this car hire service. something a lot of car rental companies won’t provide. Our roadside assisitance in only for use in our rental boundaries. We do provide this car rental service for free if it is our fault. If it is a fault of the hirer we do pass on the seventy five dollar call out fee to the customer.
So when you are looking for a car rental company look for one that will look after you in all situations. If you haven’t tried our Burswood Car Rentals service you are missing out on convenience and paying too much. It’s just one more way we at Burswood Car Rentals look after you.