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Quality WA Built, 8×5 Tandem Trailer Hire
Quality WA Built, 8×5 Tandem Trailer Hire

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Welcome to Perth

At Burswood Car Rentals we are offering cheap trailer hire in Perth. We provide only quality WA built trailers. Most importantly all our trailers have brakes, most trailer hire companies don’t.

  • 8×5 Tandem trailer size with a cage to fit more in
  • Hire a ute and a trailer together and receive the trailer discounted by 10%
  • Perfect size to towing ratio making it easier to fit in tight spaces
  • Our trailers have brakes, which means they’re safer and can carry more load
You must be very careful if hiring from others, especially service stations as their trailers often don’t come with brakes. This means you can’t tow as much!
A typical car can tow ~750 kgs (trailer and contents) without brakes. The trailers themselves weigh 450 kgs, which means you can only carry 300 kgs in the back.
All our trailers come with brakes which increases your weight load to 1.5 tonnes in total, or 1050 kgs in the trailer.
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Super Easy Pick-Up and Drop-Off

As the leading provider of car hire in Perth, we’re located just a stone’s throw from the glitz and glamour of the Crown Hotel, Perth.

The convenience of being located right on the perimeter of Perth’s Central Business District allows us to offer free car hire pick up and car rental delivery to all hotels in the city.

We’re right in-line with the route from the Domestic and International Airports, so you can even choose to pick the vehicle up from the airport terminal you fly into.